Reading Challenge!

I seem to constantly be telling myself that I’m going to start reading more, but I also seem to always find myself turning on Netflix instead of actually picking up a book… I think I’ve always chosen to watch TV shows or movies instead of reading because reading has been forced on me for as long as I can remember. From elementary school to college graduation, reading was always something that I ‘had’ to do. I couldn’t read at my own pace and it was hardly ever a book or a topic that I was interested in. Thanks to our honeymoon, I was able to sit and read whatever I wanted without any interruptions and I LOVED IT! This newfound love fueled a fire in me so when we got home, I found Modern Mrs. Darcy and I’m officially motivated to keep reading!

Modern Mrs. Darcy (MMD) is a wonderful blog by Anne Bogel and she also produces the podcast “What Should I Read Next?”. The podcast is short and to the point and gives tons of book recommendations which is exactly what I need. MMD also publishes a reading challenge each year, so I’ve decided to use this as a guide for my reading. I’ll be sharing the books that I read along with a quick review, so stay tuned!




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