Oscars Recap

I will fully admit that I shamelessly love award shows. I don’t know why, but I do. I think I just love any excuse to get dressed up so I’m much more entertained by what people are wearing than the actual awards. There are always one or two things that I’m excited to see during the show itself, but it’s mostly the red carpet that I love.

Sunday night was no different – I was excited to see Justin Timberlake and John Legend perform but that was about it. The 89th Annual Academy Awards had some highlights, of course, but overall I wasn’t super impressed. Apparently, most of America wasn’t impressed either. Here’s a quick recap of what I loved and what I could’ve done without from the broadcast!

My favorites were easy for me… the simple, classic, and elegant dresses are always the way to go, in my opinion!


Least favorites were harder to narrow down… Why so many patterns and shapeless dresses?!?


Highlights of the night were Justin Timberlake’s performance to start the show, Viola Davis’ acceptance speech after winning Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and Sunny Pawar being THE CUTEST (see below for evidence).


The cringeworthy moments were Jimmy Kimmel’s awkward joke about OJ Simpson, Nicole Kidman’s inability to clap, and (obviously) the Best Picture blunder…

But, the VERY BEST Oscar moment has to be Chrissy Teigen taking a quick snooze during the show. So good.

Heres’s to hoping that this year’s Tony Awards are better than the Oscars!



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