Function of Beauty

Do most people struggle with their hair? I always have, so I think I’ve always thought it was normal… If you do too (or even if you don’t), read to the end for a coupon 🙂

For as long as I can remember, people have recognized me as ‘the one with the curly hair’. I’ve never disliked my hair, but it’s definitely a challenge – it’s thick and long and sometimes unruly but it’s also really versatile. Mostly I wear my hair naturally, but lately I’ve noticed that my curls are less defined, it’s a lot more frizzy and it falls out all.the.time.

I’ve always been particular about the products that I use and I’ve always been cautious about the ingredients in shampoo, conditioner, styling creams, etc. which is why I was so excited to stumble upon Function of Beauty a couple months ago. Y’all, IT IS THE BEST. Honestly – it’s the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used.

When you visit their website, you’re immediately prompted to take a hair quiz. Super quick and easy…

Step 1: Your hair profile – thick/thin, curly/straight, etc.

Step 2: What are your hair goals?

Step 3: What scent do you prefer? What’s your favorite color? What name should be included on your bottles (because they know everyone is a sucker for customization!)?

I chose for my products to be dye free and mildly scented with essential oils. You’re able to mix and match the size of the bottles, too, which I definitely need. I go through shampoo way more quickly than conditioner so I run out of products at different times and that drives me crazy. A week after I placed my order this beauty showed up on my doorstep…



The shipment included two pump tops in addition to a true bottle cap, a small booklet explaining the function of each ingredient, 16oz. of shampoo and 8oz of conditioner! My entire order was $42. Only a fraction of what I’m used to paying and it works so much better than anything I’ve tried!

Click HERE to get $5 off your order from Function of Beauty – I promise you’ll love it!



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