Auburn, Alabama

We’ve reached September, which only means one thing; IT’S FINALLY FOOTBALL SEASON! Let me tell you… I could not be more excited. I love everything about the fall. Honestly, everything. I love when the weather changes, when Daylight Savings rolls around, and when I can finally wear sweaters, scarves, boots and *insert any warm clothing items*. More than anything else, I just love football. This weekend we made our first trip back to Auburn for the season and I thought it would be fun to share our travels – places to eat, things we did, etc. We have a few trips planned to various places over the next couple of months and I’m excited to share our experiences!

Midday on Friday, we headed to the airport… The only thing I dislike about Auburn (literally, the only thing) is that it takes a while for us to get there. We had an hour-and-a-half flight to Atlanta followed by a two hour car ride down to Auburn. The long trek is worth it to see that Sweet Home Alabama sign along the side of I-85. My stomach flips every time I see it. I just love it there. My years at Auburn engrained such a deep love for Alabama the Beautiful and I’m so thankful that we’re able to visit often.


Where to Eat

Food is important to us (this shouldn’t be surprising to people who know us, ha!), so we try to always take advantage of the restaurants that are special to Auburn! The standouts from this weekend are…

  • Ariccia Trattoria – Located at the Hotel at Auburn University, Ariccia is a great stop for drinks and a delicious meal. They always have a handful of specials and a wide variety of options. You could order fried chicken and fries or you could order a whole Red Snapper with grilled vegetables – truly there is something for everyone! We also went back to Ariccia for their Sunday brunch. They have THE BEST bacon; trust me.
  • Momma Goldberg’s – Did you really take a trip to Auburn if you didn’t go to Momma G’s? Famous for their steamed nachos, Momma Goldberg’s offers sandwiches, salads, soups, wraps (and more!!) in an eclectic shop whose walls are covered in signatures from patrons over the years. It’s a must.


What to Do

Tailgate on the Green Space and cheer on the Auburn Tigers in Jordan-Hare Stadium. That’s a no-brainer 😉




We’ve only been back in Dallas for two days and we’re already looking forward to heading back to the Loveliest Village on the Plains next month. Happy September and War Eagle, friends!



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