Hello, hello friends! It’s been way too long (once again) since I’ve remembered to share in this corner of the Internet. 2018 is a year of sticking to the things I’ve started and this blog is no different – I’m going to make it a habit, I really am! I’ve found that writing is much more of a creative outlet for me than I ever thought it was, so writing here consistently is top of my ‘to-do’ list this year. I thought I’d start with a pretty broad post to lay the ground work as we head into the new year (even though I’m a month late). That being said, I’m CURRENTLY…

Making: plans for the upcoming year! Trying to map out the weddings that we have, which football games we’re going to go to in the fall, vacations that we want to take, etc.

Cooking: a lot from Against All Grain. I think I’ve mentioned these cookbooks before, but they’re just the best!! About 4 months ago I had to switch to a completely gluten free diet, so I rely heavily on cookbooks like Meals Made Simple.

Drinking: more water! Trying really hard to make this a habit, too. As silly as it may seem, using my cute Corkcicle bottle makes drinking water way easier! Thanks, Susan, for the best gift 🙂

IMG_0165 2.jpg

Eating: almonds – is that weird? I’ve never loved snacking on nuts, but I’ve been on an almond kick lately.

Reading: so many things! I read a lot in the later half of 2017 (I’ll share a brief review of all 2017 books soon) and I’ve been trying to maintain this pace. I bought The Versions of Us this morning and can’t wait to start it tonight. Full disclosure, I bought the book because I think the cover is adorable…

The Versions of Us

Wanting: to take a nap.

Looking: for a new headboard. We haven’t had a headboard since we moved in July and it’s driving me crazy but I can’t find one that I love…

Playing: Spotify Global Top 50 on repeat! I never listened to the global charts until recently and they’re actually way better than the US specific charts.

Wasting: time during my commute to and from work. I spend about 1.5-2 hours in the car every day and I feel like I could be doing something productive while I sit in traffic. Anyone have audio book recommendations?

Buying: new books has really become a problem.

Wishing: for all of my laundry to be magically done 🙂

Loving: a new tv show that Carter and I finally got around to watching… My in-laws suggested that we watch Life in Pieces and OMG it’s so good. It’s so funny and we flew through the first two seasons! Now we’re bummed that we can’t watch it 24/7 and instead have to wait for new episodes.

Life in Pieces

Hoping: that someone is still reading this!

Marvelling: over how long the month of January has felt…

Needing: a bowl of ice cream or a cup of coffee.

Smelling: essential oils in the diffuser. Still loving my Stress Away oil!

Wearing: new jeans that I got a few weeks ago that I LOVE. I’ve always had trouble finding jeans that fit me and these are just perfect. They’re Joe’s from Nordstrom, they’re the most comfortable pants I own, AND they have a cute cut around the ankle.

Joe's Jeans

Praying: for my sweet friends Alexis and Ben… Alexis and I studied abroad together in college; she met Ben in a bar during our first weekend in Italy and they got married last year! Ben has CF and was recently put on the transplant list to receive a double lung transplant.

Noticing: that I really need to paint my nails.

Knowing: that I need to focus on exercise. I was going to say ‘…exercising more’ butttttt I don’t exercise at all right now and I know that’s not good!

Thinking: about my recent trip to Denver. I went for work and had no idea how much I’d like it! Great food, nice people, easy to get around – it was great!

Opening: a new book tonight!!

Giggling: after watching the Amazon Echo spoof on Saturday Night Live. You really need to see it….

Feeling: like 2018 is going to be a great year!



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