All About Beauty

I’m asked a lot about the products that I use, so when I saw this link-up on The Blended Blog, I thought it would be a great chance to share! I’ve tried to link to most of my favorite products so you can shop around, if you’d like. Be sure to comment with your favorite products, tips, and suggestions – I’m always looking for something new!


Eyelash Curler – Yes or No? Yes, unless I’m in a huge hurry!

Favorite Nail Shade? Spring & Summer – Essie Baby’s Breath. Fall & Winter – Essie Chinchilly.

Favorite Lipstick Shade? Beautycounter Sheer Lipstick in Twig. This is the first lipstick I’ve found that doesn’t dry out my lips, so I’m hooked! The color is long lasting and leaves a glosses finish without feeling tacky or sticky.

Blow Dry or Air Dry your hair? Air dry ALWAYS.

Artificial Nails – Yes or No? Nope!

Foundation – Yes or No? Kind of? I wear Beautycounter Dew Skin Moisturizer every day, so I’m not sure if that’s technicalllyyyyy foundation. It’s a lightweight coverage that helps to even out my skin tone while providing moisture but not making me oily aka IT’S THE BEST EVER!!! When I’m getting ready for an event or going somewhere that I know I’ll be photographed, I wear Beautycounter Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation. This is a bit thicker than the Dew Skin Moisturizer, but doesn’t have the caked-on feel like most foundations. I love to use this retractable brush whenever I do wear foundation. I used to always use my fingers to apply foundation, but this brush is a game changer!

Hair Up or Down? Almost always up – pony tail, braid, half-up, something out of my face! If we’re getting dressed up for something and I actually do my hair, that’s about the only time I’ll wear it all down.

Body Soap or Body Wash? Body wash always.

Bath or Shower? SHOWER!!!!!! There are few things that gross me out as much as baths… It just seems so dirty to sit in dirty water BLEH.

Favorite Body Lotion? Scented lotions irritate my skin, so I was thrilled when I found this Essential Daily Body Moisturizer. It works as well as a shea butter in regard to hydration, but it’s not thick or sticky. I use it almost every day and have found a significant difference in the texture of my skin!

Do you ever wear perfume? If so, favorite scent? Most perfume gives me horrible headaches because I’m so sensitive to fragrance, so I don’t wear it often. For REALLY special occasions (like my wedding) I wear Kate Spade Walk on Air.

walk on air

Do you shave your legs everyday? I honestly laughed out loud when I read this question. Absolutely not.

Favorite Lip Balm? Does Aquaphor count? That’s usually all I use.

How old were you when you first started wearing makeup? Because I dance competitively growing up, I remember wearing makeup for dance competitions when I was really young. It wasn’t anything crazy, but I remember feeling so special when I got to wear mascara and lipstick! I think I was probably in middle school when I started wearing ‘real’ makeup every day.

At some point, I’ll go through mine and Carter’s skin care routine (because I get more questions about that than anything else!) and share the products we love. What are your favorites?!



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